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I find quotes inspiring. I used to keep a running list of quotes in a notebook. By the time I was 20, I had filled up an entire 200-page book, front and back with all kinds of quotes. I have no idea where that book is now. But there are some quotes that have stuck with me.

Here’s a list of just a few quotes that currently inspire me and my thoughts on them: 

Where there is a will, there is a way. 

I love this one so it's always the first one to come to mind. It is empowering and about perseverance, resilience, and commitment. I live by this in all areas of my life, and I have found it to be the most helpful reminder during challenges.

Find a way or make one.

This one is similar to the one above, but it leans more towards the Nike notion of “just do it”. It was actually my high school’s motto. At the time it seemed corny, but oddly enough, it is one of the most inspiring reminders of what we are capable of and what is possible. 

Rejection is expected, but so is persistence. - Matthew Dicks

A good reminder when feelings of rejection creep in. With how connected we all are, rejection can come in many forms. Thanks to the twisted nature of social media, what should be a positive way to connect with others has turned into an often-vicious way to not feel good enough or to get caught in a comparison trap. I have a strong love-hate relationship with social media. I will probably write about this sometime soon. There are so many angles and fun ideas to explore…

Perfect is the enemy of progress. - Matthew Dicks

Most people know this quote as “perfect is the enemy of good”, but Matthew Dicks makes the perfect (irony not intended) adjustment. Perfect does not prevent something from being good - if it is perfect, it is also good. Agonizing over making something perfect halts progress. It stops us in our tracks and prevents us from taking action. The reason I did not share my writing publicly sooner is because I have been afraid of rejection. I have been afraid of someone not liking my writing. I want it to be perfect so that everyone enjoys it. That is insane. Even more so, that will never happen. Because…

If you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. 

Another brilliant quote to remind us as humans (and as marketers) that we must narrow our intended audience in order to create masterpieces. If you try to please everyone you will dilute your message so much and make it so boring that no one even remembers it exists. People may not remember that most of what we do exists. But if it stands out, has a point, takes a position, makes you think, adds a clear value, or challenges a norm, it has a much better chance of being remembered. 

All we leave is energy. 

Energy is what makes the world work. The powerful force that exists between all objects. When someone gets a feeling from others, we are reading their energy.

Some people give energy to others by building people up, listening when they talk, bringing a positive attitude, saying yes whenever possible, and generally making a situation feel better. While others insist on always talking about themselves, drain the life out of a conversation or room, complain constantly about far too much, find something negative to say about everyone, love the word no, and generally make you feel exhausted after spending time with them. How we exist and interact with others transfers energy. Some people even match energy which can be a very cool thing to experience.

The best thing we can do is consider what kind of energy we want to bring to a situation and try to achieve it. If we fall short, and feel rejection, that is where perseverance comes into play.

I get energy from being around people. I love hearing others' stories, talking to people about their dreams and successes, and helping my friends and loved ones achieve what they want. I hate when I feel like I complain too much or when I hear someone else have complaints about everything. I also hate when others start talking bad about people. Obviously, we can all complain a little here and there. But you know who I am talking about. I am sure someone comes to your mind immediately when I say they are the drainer of energy.

If no one comes to mind, it might be you. Maybe you’re okay with that! But if you are not, where there is a will, there is a way. So, change it. 

You are most like the people you surround yourself with. Choose wisely. 

THIS one hits home a lot. As someone who is constantly working to be a better person and adjust the parts of me that need work, I consider this quote often. What are the traits of the people around me? What are traits I want to embody? What do I want to be known for? How do I want to make people feel?

I am currently working on a few things…

  • Being less defensive 

  • Standing up for myself in healthy and direct ways

  • Communicating what I need or want to others and removing the feeling of being a burden or needy by doing so

  • Forming smarter spending habits

  • Eliminating the comparison game 

These are tough things. For each of them, I look at who is closest to me in my life for inspiration and caution. No one is perfect, but I have amazing people in my life who inspire me everyday.

  • My boyfriend is brilliant financially. I regularly go to him for financial advice and ideas. He is the voice of reason who challenges me when I am scrolling through products on my phone. He points out the hard things to hear and supports me in my efforts to do better. He’s so financially savvy he was recently interviewed by a Wall Street Journal reporter writing about personal wealth. So it is not just me who recognizes his brilliance.

  • My best friend and I are both working on being less defensive together. We are checks and balances for each other and talk about the moments when we stumble.

  • A friend who I view as my sister shows me all the time how to stand up for yourself and communicate what you need while also being kind. She is incredible and I feel inspired just watching her exist sometimes.

Surrounding myself with healthy people and strong female friendships who support and uplift others has been the best adjustment in my 30s. I am also very grateful for all my guy friends who bring balance and oftentimes a much-needed perspective to my life.

I could keep going about all the wonderful people I am blessed with, but you get the point.  

Gratitude is the opposite of fear. They cannot both exist in the same thought. 

I write gratitudes every day because of this exact reason.

Fear and negativity cannot exist while you are actively feeling grateful. So why not remind yourself every day of all that you have? I am sure trying to!

Today’s gratitudes were that I am grateful to my brother for letting me keep his sweet Bernese Mountain dog, Bella, for an extra week and a half and that I had a flexible enough workday to be able to spend quality time with my dad while he was here. Simple reminders that I had a great day and have a great life.

A positive attitude is the key to success. 

I think this one is simple and needs no explanation. It just is. 

I am always looking for more quotes and more inspiration. If you are reading this and have some of your own that you would like to share, drop them in a comment below!

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